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Snow Stoppers

Snow Guards 

Worried about ice and snow sliding off your roof injuring people or damaging your property? We’ve got you covered. At Mainline Roofing Co. Ltd., we are committed to helping residential, agricultural and commercial property owners to protect their roofing from damage. Our snow guards in Williams Lake are known for their durability, appearance and ease of installation. 

Our snow guard products will prevent people and property from being damaged by snow sliding off your roofing. We provide custom-made galvanized aluminum snow stoppers in a variety of colour options, including:


What are Snow Guards?

Snow guards or snow stoppers are rooftop devices that help prevent snow slides, by allowing them to melt completely and drop off in smaller amounts. When you install a snow guard, you can rest assured that you will benefit from a safer roofing system, less complaints of falling ice and snow, less damage to your property, and overall peace of mind throughout the winter. They are a cost-effective way to help prevent damage from avalanching snow and ice from metal roofs in winter climates.

The use of these snow retention devices started several hundred years ago in areas of Scandinavia and the Alps. Builders and homeowners in high-snow areas placed stones and logs on rooftops to increase the friction and retention of the snow.

It’s better to use stronger and safer snow guards to prevent snow slides on people or property. Call us today for a free quote.

Custom-Made Snow Stoppers

Protect your people, shrubs, glass awnings, gutters and more from sliding snow and ice. We offer snow guards in a wide variety of colours.

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